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Come and See Us!

Colorado Renaissance Festival

We appear at 3 major renaissance festivals a year from Feb. through Nov.  The festivals are great fun and wonderful way to spend a day with the family.  There are rides, games, great stage acts, animals, music, and street entertainers all celebrating the costumes and atmosphere of the great renaissance period.  Be prepared to eat all kinds of delicious preparations of food and drink, and purchase quality handcrafted items at all the shops. 
As Mother and Father Goose we are a bit unusual as we aren't a street act or a stage act...we are ourselves in costume as we don't train, command or bribe our "kids", (Maggie Goose, Mimi Goose, Lucy Goose and Cricket Duck). They simply do what they like best...visit with their "flock"..you, sit on your laps and give you hugs!  Everyone from the tiniest baby to great-grandpa gets to pet, hold or hug a beautiful loving bird!
Come to the....
For the exact dates and directions, click on the festival of your choice.

Arizona is our home festival.  We started there in 1998 with Matilda Duck, Maggie Goose and a little table.

Arizona Renaissance Festival

Colorado is definitely a
high & mighty good show!

Colorado Renaissance Festival

In North Carolina you'll find
us in a big tent close to the
front gate


You can't miss us in Georgia..
Come in the gate and
look straight ahead!

Georgia Renaissance Festival

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In Minnesota, it's a long walk
for us to our tent near the gate


Cricket is ready to greet
you in Colorado!



Come and get a goose hug!

"Once in a lifetime comes a stroke of luck,
I didn't expect mine to come in a duck!" MG