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"Duck! There's a Goose in the House!" and other books by Nancy Townsend


When I was a kid I had a pet duck for a short time until it got killed by a fox.  I had also had a couple of other ducks, but they were outside and as long as they seemed healthy and happy, I didn't worry about them. I was as ignorant as anyone else about how to properly care for a duck or goose.  But, after I decided to diaper a duck and had Matilda Duck in the house, I wanted to find out everything I could about how to take care of her and, equally as important, how to understand her.  What I found was lots of information on how to pluck a duck, cook a duck, and mix a thousand pounds of feed!
My first big surprise with Matilda was finding out that imprinting doesn't just mean, "they think the first thing they see is their Mom".  Matilda loved me best, yes, but why was she happy in other people's company?  Ah...they imprint on the entire species, also.  I thought Matilda would be a cute and decorative house pet, but pretty much accepted the "bird brain" theory.  When you live with a duck, it takes maybe 2 weeks to discover how much hogwash that is; ducks are very smart!  And let me tell you, being outsmarted by a little duck is very humbling.
Since I was making the diaper harness for ducks and planned on other people raising them as pets, I didn't want those pets to suffer from their owner's ignorance.  No matter how loving or well meaning anyone is, without having facts and the right information to rely on, some little duck or goose was going to suffer or die.  That's why I urge everyone to GET THE BOOK BEFORE YOU GET THE DUCK/GOOSE!
Most animal lovers have had a dog or cat, but they are predators.  Waterfowl are prey animals.  They are also unique even among birds.  They can't be lumped together with chickens, turkeys, other wild birds or parrots.  "Duck! There's a Goose in the House!" is, as far as I know, the only book available on raising waterfowl as house pets.  I am using the word "pets" for clarification, but much prefer the term, "companions".  They are companions because they choose more than any other animal to share their life with us and learn from ours.  Even if they can't fly, their instincts tell them that they can take care of themselves and do not need human care for anything.  They can feed themselves without being taught how or what to eat, most need no shelter even in the harshest of temperatures, they feel no need to have anyone control them or the desire to control anyone else.  Their's is a whole different world and we must learn to live with it or risk making our feathered companions very unhappy.  Once they have imprinted on or bonded with us, we are responsible for their health and happiness.
The book has 251 pages including 37 pages of color photos.............$34.95
You can order "DUCK! THERE'S A GOOSE IN THE HOUSE!"on line with credit card or PayPal through AVIAN FASHIONS!


"...if in our hearts we all do care,
what matter that they have a beak?"