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Outfits Galore


Dressing up a duck or goose may seem silly or just fun, but there's more to it.  When you take your feathered kid out in public, some people will be afraid of it (especially the goose), others may not show it the proper respect....seeing it as "just a duck" or "only a goose".  When your "kid" is dressed, it gives the immediate impression that THIS duck/goose is very different and obviously, very special!!  Besides, they hate to go out in their UNDERWEAR!


Skirts & bows are made of cotton/poly gingham. Holiday or team colors are available. Skirts are attached to the harness with a snap and velcro. Bows are attached with barrett clip. 



A pretty collar and bow may be ordered separately or the skirt may be ordered with a bow, collar and bow, or scarf.  You can designate the basic color you like and whether you want a solid or check.
Bow & Collar $10.00



Your little guy will look sharp in a collar and bow tie, pleated plaid kilt, western attire, denim or camouflage.


Your duck or goose will be happy to join you on special occassions.  E-mail me, thedukldy@earthlink.net and tell me exactly what you have in mind and I'll do my best to please you. 
Tux & Tails $49.95



Lt.: A beautiful aqua
skirt & bow with an
aqua lace overskirt
trimmed in ribbon.
Rt.: A great Santa
suit for your Drakes!
These were special



Lt.:  Denim and pink
check combined..you can
request any combination
you like in the checks/solids
available at no extra chg.
rt.: A lovely Toulouse in pink flowers.


Outfits are available in:
red, lt. blue, navy blue, brown, green, black, white, and pink in matching solids and checks, plus  bandana, camoflage and denim. 
For a price quote on an outfit in a specific material or design, please contact us.

To order on line with credit card or PayPal through AVIAN FASHIONS ...
                          click here for Skirt & Bow
                          click here for Collar & Bow
                          click here for Boys Collar & Skirt
                          click here for Tuxedo
                          If you have any problems ordering, call 888 412-7667
Or Contact Us if you would rather send a check, have a question or want to Special Order.

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