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Nobody's perfect!  What man can put together, a duck or goose will sometime, somewhere, find a way to put asunder.  Some of our little darlings will go through phases of pulling out diapers, pulling off pieces or even "fling poo" out of the harness!  Fortunately, they learn better or get over it, but in the meantime a DiaperGard can save the day!


The DiaperGard is easily attached
to the diaper harness and comfortable
to wear.  It's made of a lightweight
cotton that isn't constricting or hot.
Tell me the breed
No sizing is necessary as I will
already know the harness size
and it is adjustable.
 See list of  available colors
below.  Call for different color,
or print.
3 for $40.00


Lucy in Halloween DiaperGard

The DiaperGard has been
tested on Lucy Goose and
found to be a success!  When
Lucy is laying, she is insistent upon
pulling her diaper out, but the
DiaperGard has thwarted all
of her attempts!!

Halloween DiaperGards at the Festival

Available in red, brown, black, pink, lt. blue, navy blue and white in solids and matching checks and in bandana, camouflage and denim.
DiaperGards are also cute costuming... how about one in your team's colors?  You can add a BOW or COLLAR for $5.00.
Order online with credit card or PayPal at AVIAN FASHIONS
or go to Contact Us!

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