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Ducks and geese don't sleep nearly as much as dogs and cats.  They get bored and want to be occupied.  The Wigalee Worm keeps our geese and duck busy for at least an hour or two a day.


Mimi started playing
with rubber band toys
when she was 2 days old.
Once they start, it is
something they continue
for years. Maggie would
peck at the sofa to tell
 me she wanted to play!
Wigalee Worm
Look, Ma!  One foot!
We have made these toys
for our "kids" out of lots of
things, but have fine-tuned it
for you.  We use sport
rubber as it is tougher
than regular rubber bands
so they last longer and are
not easily cut. You can make
them any length you like,
hold them in your hand or
hang them up.


This one was tied to
a wooden duck! 
Maggie is especially
addicted to them
and gets really upset
if we run out!


My "kids" have played
with these for 10 years.
They have accidentally
swallowed pieces, but
with no ill effects. I've
learned that once they
cut one, they can cut
off a piece, so I replace
it after that has
happened.  I haven't
ever had a duck cut one,
but geese have sharper


The block of wood is
sanded smooth. It has
a narrow slot on the side
so the bands can be inserted.
Cut the bands to the length
and number of loops you want,
tie the ends together in a half
knot and insert in slot. The
knot is pulled down into the
center so they can't reach
it to untie it.


I make the loops just a few
inches long and hold it in
my hand to play with babies
and small ducks.  You can
make the bands longer and
hang it up with the hook
for larger birds.  6 ft. of
bands are included.

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To order by mail, go to Contact Us!

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It's a lucky duck
who plays with a toy,
but amusing a goose
is really a joy!