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If you already have a pet duck/goose you know what a mess they can make with their food and water.  They play in the water, get their food wet and shake food and water everywhere!  No more!  The clear plastic holders keep splashes off the walls, and catch drips.  The easy-to-clean stoneware mug is wide enough for the bird's head so it can wash  it's eyes, but is not big enough to play in. With a wide, non-slip bottom, it won't turn over.  With the food and water separated, the food will stay almost completely dry in its stoneware dish. 



The larger mug suitable for large ducks and geese holds 24 ozs.  The smaller one holds 16 ozs.  They are the same price, but small ducks may not be able to drink as comfortably out of the large one.
The mess made with food & water has been one of the biggest complaints I've heard from in-house waterfowl owners.  Don't let it distract from the pleasure of having one of these wonderful friends.  I have 3 geese and a duck who have used this set-up in the RV for years. It works!


FEED SET-UP - $34.95
To order go to Avian Fashions or click on Contact Us.


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"Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow...clean-up will be a breeze!"  Mother Goose